Why Autogas?

There are three good reasons:
1. It's Cheaper
2. It's Cleaner
3. It's Greener

who we are?

We sell and install Autogas Systems and equipment. Boemo Engineering is a Melbourne based family owned and run business which has been involved in the Australian Gas Industry since its infancy in 1974.    The company is one of Australia’s principle suppliers, servicing clients Australia wide. Experience and strong associations with local and overseas manufacturing companies ensures that our product range of LPG Systems and components are of the highest quality, deliver excellent value and is suited to the constantly changing technology of the automotive industry.

Did you know ?

Driving an LPG vehicle is safe, easy and best of all. much cheaper than driving petrol or diesel vehicle. These features have made Autogas the most widely used alternative fuel in the world and out of the three fuel LPG has the best environmental credentials producing far fewer of the harmful emissions associated with petrol or diesel Vehicles and also deliver a wide range of operating benefits.

We've helped 6000+ Australians Save :

What We Do ?

For more than 30 years, We have been installing, manufacturing and wholesaling a complete range of petrol and diesel LPG Autogas Systems and component and accommodating a growing product range of Autogas equipment for most systems currently available in the market

If Autogas matters to you then its everything to us!

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