How easy is Autogas to use?
Modern Injection systems can be started with the changeover switch left permanently on the Autogas position, as the system automatically starts the vehicle on petrol and changes over to Autogas and will switch back to petrol if the gas runs out.
What's involved in an Autogas conversion?
Converting your car to run on Autogas does require some major work that will see you parting with your car for the best part of two days. An LPG conversion works the same way as a normal petrol engine, just with a different fuel. So everything about your car remains the same but a separate fuelling system is added with its own tank, a separate fuel gauge so you know when it’s time to refuel and Filler Valve.
How safe is the Autogas system when fitted?
The Autogas system in today’s modern vehicle is designed to be safe: safe in use, safe to repair and even safe in a vehicle accident. The Autogas system is also protected with numerous safety devices, electronic and mechanical, to prevent and control the escape of the Autogas
What happens if I run out of Autogas?
A converted car nearly always starts up on petrol therefore it is important to keep a small amount of petrol in the petrol tank.so If a vehicle runs out of Autogas, the vehicle will automatically switch back to running on petrol without having to slow down or turn off the ignition.
How do I know how much Autogas is left in the tank?
Built into the changeover switch is an LED light display, which will indicate the how much fuel is in your Autogas tank.
Will converting my car affect its performance?
While some systems have a slight increase in fuel consumption, this is easily offset by the cheaper price of Autogas to petrol. Current injection systems now match and often surpass the power and drivability of petrol systems.
Where can the tank go, and will I lose boot space?
LPG tanks are designed for easier, faster and safer installations and leave you plenty of boot space for luggage and if you don’t want to lose any boot space at all, a donut style tank may be able to be fitted in your spare wheel well.
Can Autogas damage my engine?
No, In fact because Autogas is a cleaner burning fuel engine life is extended
Are there any special servicing requirements?
Regular maintenance by a qualified technician will ensure efficient operation of your LPG system. By following the program you are assured of good operation of your vehicle and you will maintain your warranty.
What about vehicle warranty?
There is no reason for it to affect the vehicle warranty, however if the vehicle is under warranty it needs to be checked. The Autogas system itself is warranted.
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