The major advantage in using Autogas is the cost saving as it is usually less than half the cost of petrol. Your fuel savings will depend on the type of car and how much it is driven.

If you are spending $80 per week on petrol now, you’ll be spending less than half on Autogas. That’s $40 or more per week that stays in your pocket. fuel cost savings can be made. Besides the financial benefits, there is a strong case for moving over to Autogas on environmental grounds – LPG fuelled vehicles generate fewer CO2 emissions than petrol and diesel vehicles. You will be contributing to a cleaner environment!

Making even more cents today!

Economical benefit is the major advantage of using LPG. Plus, LPG delivers absolute driving comfort and high performance while bring many advantages:

  • Money savings: LPG is cheaper than petrol, almost half the price
  • Cleaner burning and reduce emissions: carbon monoxide gas is reduced by 80% and is lead free
  • Easier cold starting: the vehicle does not need a choke cycle to warm up
  • Increased engine life: cylinder walls are never washed dry, no carbon deposits result in less engine wear
  • Reduced maintenance: less engine contamination means fewer oil and filter changes;
  • Increased driving range: with a duel-fuel system fuel capacity is greater
  • Equal performance: LPG provides performance and economy comparable with petrol
  • $2000 Government rebate: then recoup the balance of conversion cost with fuel savings

Over 120,000 Australian motorists have utilized government conversion subsidies, with Victorians being the keenest receiving 51,000 grants. Research shows that, overwhelmingly, grants were taken up by people who live in outer urban and regional areas.

Current subsidies are:

  • $1000 towards the purchase of a new LPG, dedicated, or dual fuel system for non business use
  • $2000 towards an approved and fitted LPG conversion of a motor vehicle for non business use

LPG Vehicle Scheme Application Forms are available through the Autoindustry website, and Medicare or Centrelink offices. One conversion grant per person every three years. To be eligible the vehicle must be for private use (not for commercial or business use) and:
  • Vehicle to weigh less than 3.5 tonne gross vehicle mass
  • Must be registered in the state of residence of the claimant
  • Must not be subject to a notated lease or salary sacrifice

The purchaser needs to pay for the conversion first then claim the government grant back through a Centrelink or Medicare office. For more information refer to the Ausindustry website.

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